ā€‹Casey  lā€‹aurent

Jersey artist - Early years

I started to take an interest in art at the age of 8 or 9, where I was drawing with pencils or oil pastels at primary school. This was developed further at GCSE level, not knowing if I was any good at painting until the age of 15. I was properly introduced and taught by my teacher and current head of art at Les Quennevais School Peter Jones. I carried this through to A-level where I created many different paintings from artists references exploring colour and mixed media works guided by my teacher Jackie Rutter.

Higher education

From A-level I went to Bournemouth Arts University college and graduated with a foundation diploma and a BA Honours degree. I have also recently graduated from a PGCE in art and design for Secondary School teaching at Brighton University. Since higher education I have spent most of my spare time studying and painting my surrounding environment in Jersey.

What inspires me

I have been drawn to the colours of different times of the day such as dusk and dawn, in particular the blue and golden hours. I find going out before sunrise or just before sunset particularly rewarding as the colours change dramatically over the space of a couple of hours. The unique beauty and charm of Jersey gives me an opportunity for new ideas, with dramatic tide and weather changes allowing me to create something new. Using a mixture of painting outdoors and studio work I aim to produce paintings which evoke feelings of atmosphere and memories, while using my imagination to manipulate colour and subject matter. All of the paintings on this website were created with oil paints. I love the way the medium blends together and gives my paintings both depth and a richness in colour.